Our Recommended Places to Play

As part of our continuing goal to provide players with the best gamble, as well as to educate them on how to gamble more intelligently, we are proud to bring to you our Quarterly Online Casino Bonuses for January-March of 2018.

The goal of this page will be to put a spotlight on some of our highly recommended casinos, we will also look into the promotions being offered to help you try to determine what the best choice for your gambling dollar might be.

In order to be featured on this page, which will change every three months, a casino must meet the following criteria:

  1. It must be a Wizard APPROVED casino

    Wizard of Odds APPROVED casinos are the highest designation that we confer upon online casinos at this site. These are casinos that we know, trust and have thoroughly vetted ourselves.

    In fact, we’re so confident in casinos upon whom we have conferred the Seal of Approval, that we make the following promise:

    Any casino with the Wizard seal of approval has been vetted by Wizard management, including the Wizard himself. We will promote such casinos as trustworthy casinos you can feel safe to play at. However, in the interests of giving players choices, we may also market casinos that don’t quite meet our high standards, as identified by not having the Wizard seal.

    With any casino we promote, if you click through an ad on this site, which leads to opening an account, as evidenced by an affiliate code in the link to the casino, then we will stand behind you. If you ever have a dispute with a casino and are a confirmed "Wizard" player, then we will try to help. We do ask that you try to work out the problem yourself first, and only request assistance from us as a last resort.

    In other words, the casinos to reach this high Seal of Approval are going to give you a fair gamble and treat you like the valuable customer that you are. Of course, you have to abide by the Terms & Conditions of the casino, including Bonus Terms, which we suggest that you digest thoroughly. If you violate any of the Terms and Conditions at the online casino of your choosing, then there is nothing that we can do to help you.

  2. The casino MUST be in the Top 50 in scores on our partner website, https://pluslotto.info/, in User Reviews.